Sunday, April 10, 2011

nVidia screen flicker

So a couple of days ago I started to get a very annoying screen flicker in kubuntu. Every 30 seconds or go the screen would flash black and occasionally there would be a white line in between flashes or flashes of the screen. It could be stopped by alt-tabbing a couple of times. I gathered the problemw as with nVidia (I have a GT220) or something, so I went to nvidia-settings and turned PowerMizer to "Prefer Maximum Performance" from "Adaptive performance". I have the 260.19.06 drivers.

I haven't had a problem since.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

UQ soefile access

So this post is mac-related. So I have a several year old mac at home (PPC! running 10.4.11) and even with my University's VPN I still couldn't access myFiles using the network address that usually works locally on linux and windows on campus.
Normally the addresses are (works for both staff and students with a substitution of s1234567 with your my.UQ username):
All Campuses except Ipswich students - \\soefile\s1234567
Ipswich Campus students - \\uqistudent\s1234567
Gatton campus students - \\UQGfile\s1234567$
But that wouldn't work in the Go->Connect to Server Dialog. What does work (at least for St. Lucia, I'm not an Ipswich or Gatton student so I can't confirm it for those campuses) is:
smb:// or smb://

But you can't browse the "local" network that you are VPNed into for some peculiar reason. Also, you can then save that connection as a shortcut to your desktop by dragging the network icon and name from the top of the finder window to the desktop (or any folder for that matter), but for some reason not to the sidebar.