Saturday, November 24, 2012

glossaries entry too long

So I realised at some point that I had glossary entries that weren't showing up in my glossary, and were referencing back to pg. 1. The output from Kile was telling me:
[entry] has been referenced but does not exist 
which was weird because it was showing up in text with the right acronym so obviously it did exist! It wasn't a helpful error, but thankfully, some germans figured it out:
Zu Lang ist --> hier gibt eine kleinen Hack: 
\newcommand{\MeinZuLangerGlossarEintrag}{Super Langer Text, der einfach}
   name=Name des Modells im Singular,
   plural=Name des Modells im Plural,
   description={ \protect\MeinZuLangerGlossarEintrag
so basically, my glossary items it wasn't defining were because the description is too long (potentially the limit is 1024 characters). So you can either use \def\xxxxDescription of \newcommand{\xxxxDescription} and use that to define your description, and then use that in the glossary entry:
\def\wordDescription{This is a really long description}
\newglossaryentry{word}{name=word,description={\protect \wordDescription}
and clean your files and re-run makeglossaries and ta-da! 

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