Thursday, January 5, 2012

Right-hand page opening for article class in LateX

So I like to use article documentclass for a variety of reasons, though mostly because I'm used to it. But what if you want your article to be formatted such that each new section opens on an odd (right-hand) page?

Looking around got me to this solution, in the preamble:

twoside allows you to have different even and odd headers and margins.

\usepackage[bindingoffset=1cm,margin=2cm, includeheadfoot]{geometry}
 This sets up the margins such that there is a bigger margin to allow for binding.

This does a clearpage whenever a section is on an even page. It works a treat and you can also use it for subsections etc. This does mean that your list of figures and tables also start on a new, odd, page, which is no great change, really.

hat-tip to:
UPDATE: If you don't want to have a section starting on a new page, then just put:
[whatever you don't want on a new page]

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